PPC – What does pay per click means?

PPC - What does pay per click means?

PPC or ‘Pay Per Click‘ is one of the advertisement leaves that the search engines are using. It is gaining more speed, and there are estimates that by 2010 the industry will reach 23.5 billion dollars impressive annual turnover. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a key factor of many Internet business in the world . This advertising is one of the points of online marketing over the past four years displacing banners ad revenue, which was cutting edge of Internet advertising in the 90 – ies.

The Pay Per Click advertising works in the following way – the search engines determine the position of the PPC ad according to the amount set for a click on the relevant advertiser. Usually the largest amount of put word or phrase specified site ranked first. But not everywhere is like that. In some search engines (eg Google) take into account other factors in the classification of higher positions such as the percentage of clicks on the ad title and ad description, etc. PPC success is due to huge traffic targeting, which provides Web sites and maximum return on investment (ROI or Return on Investment).

These ads usually go on the right side of the page or the first results that the user sees after the demand and are marked as paid links or sponsor links.

Benefits of PPC advertising:
Maximum ad targeting
– You can edit your ads and adjust your budget until you achieve desired results
– Target location (global or national level)
– Ability to target ads in over 250+ countries
– Suitable for advertising web sites of any size
– You pay only when someone clicks on your ad
Effective advertising with small budget
– Daily statistics

PPC advertising is more profitable for the advertiser, as in this case, he pays only when someone clicks on advertising leading to visit his site. It is possible an add to be shown 1000 times, but only if 100 of the people to click, then the advertiser will pay only for those 100 people, but if nobody clicks the ad, the advertiser does not pay anything.

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