PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

PVP overview settings in EVE Online how-to will show you a method to setup your in-game overview settings considered by many elite PVPers to be the best one when you fight against enemies flying in a fleet. These settings are a must to be used in 0.0 space where we presume that our friends are with good or high standing, and everything else including neutrals is an enemy.
In a few steps I’ll give you directions regarding the settings, and at the end of the tutorial will provide you the xml file that you can import in your EVE Online client.

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In general with PVP settings you shall see nothing but enemies and few important celestial objects in your overview.
When you are alone you will have ‘Nothing found’ in the overview as it is shown on the next image, which is actually the purpose of this overview. In the same section of our site you will find also ‘ratting’, ‘mining’, ‘travel’ and ‘friendly’ overviews which you can separate as tabs in order to have appropriate EVE overview depending on your needs.

PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

That is the look of the EVE Online PVP overview when you have the correct settings. If it is not written ‘Nothing found’ and you see something ‘¦ well there is an Enemy … Kill it!!!

Ok, enough of this lyrical drift, let’s start with the settings.
First right click on the white triangle located next to the OVERVIEW text on the tab.

PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

In the ‘Overview Settings’ window locate the ‘DESELECT ALL’ button at the bottom, and click on it. We need to clean everything and to choose only these options that we need.

PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

When you deselect everything make sure you are on the first tab ‘FILTER’ with ‘TYPES’ sub-tab selected.

Now one by one, we will go trough all sections.

‘Asteroid’ – select nothing.

‘Celestial’ – select:
‘Covert Beacon’
‘Force Field’

These you need to see when you are on a ‘POS’ or friend from your fleet has opened ‘Cynosural field’, or you have one hostile near you a second before ‘Titan DoomsDay’.

‘Charge’ – select: All;

It’s good idea to know when you have bomb involved.

‘Deployable’ – select nothing;

‘Drone’ – select nothing;

‘Entity’ – select nothing;

‘NPC’ – select noting;

‘Ship’ – right click on it and choose ‘SELECT ALL’.

You will need to see all ship, right? Here I must tell that if you are a specific part of a fleet like ‘Logistic’ or ‘Electronic warfare’ or you have precise orders, then you can disable some of the ships. But that is when you have time to prepare. Otherwise keep all ships enabled in your overview.

PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

‘Station’ – select nothing.

‘Structure’ – select
‘Control tower’
‘Jump portal array’

On a ‘POS’ op, you need to see that tower to know haw far is it from you. Or you need to see friendly control tower to keep you safe, and you need JB to be able to jump trough easy.

Ok, we are done with the ‘TYPES’ section for the PVP overview settings, so go to ‘STATES’. There select everything as it is on the screen-shoot bellow.

PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

When you are ready do to ‘APPEARANCE’ on the top navigation bar in the same overview window.

Check both:

Then go to ‘COLORTAG’ and check as it is shown on the image:

PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

Then go to ‘BACKGROUND’ and clear everything. You do not need blinking in a fight.
In ‘EWAR’ select everything.

Go back to the top bar of the EVE overview and choose ‘COLUMN’.
Here you may choose what to see as per your personal preferences, but in general the next are most important.

PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

Next is ‘SHIP’ tab where again you can play as per your overview needs, so I’ll just show you mine:

PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

In ‘MISC’ section check ‘MOVE ENTRIES WITH BROADCAST TO TOP’, and do not press ‘Reset All Overview Settings’!

Now, we are done. Next is ‘OVERVIEW TAB’, but there is a different tutorial about managing the EVE overview tabs. For now we will just save the PVP settings, so go to ‘Overview’ pane, right clock on the triangle and choose ‘Save current type selection as…’

PVP Overview settings in EVE Online

Give it name PVP and press ok.

Cheers, you have your PVP settings overview done. Now you can import these settings as just download this file pvp.xml (right click and save as) and using this tutorial – How to import EVE Online Overview settings, to import it in-game.

The next thing what we must do is to setup the Setting up the right brackets for PVP in EVE Online, and then with both how to Manage EVE Online overview tabs

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