Registrant Email Verifications Process for Domain Name Registration

Iccan Email Verifications ProcessStarting on the 1st of January 2014, all domain Registrars will ask every┬áRegistrants to verify their ownership through email via the Registrant Email Verification process. When an unverified Registrant contact is used to register a domain name, an email will be sent to the Registrant’s email address. The receiver will have up to 15 days to respond to that email after which, their domain name will be suspended. This regulation was approved on 27th. June 2013, by the ICANN board and any registrars that fail comply will risk having their agreement revoked by ICANN.

The Registrant first name, last name, and email details of the Registrant contact will be used to validate a Registrant contact. Changes to any one of those three data will trigger the Registrant Email Verification process when the contact is used to register a new domain name. If the verification is not completed within 15 days, on day 16th day DomainPeople will update the DNS to DomainPeople’s and the domain/s will resolve to a suspended verification page.

Also the Registrant Email Verifications Process will only be applicable to generic Top Level Domains per ICANN requirements. For exmaple: .com .net .pro but not .ca .us domains.

Here is an example lifespan of the registratnt email verification process:

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