Restore show desktop icon

This tutorial is about how to restore show desktop icon which usually is located at your "Quick Launch" section on your task bar.
Restoring the Show Desktop icon can be done in few steps, but first let start with the physical location of this icon.

The link actually is a file called "Show Desktop.scf" located in:

C:\Documents and Settings\%User name%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Consider two things. FIrst the above example is if your Windows is installed on your ”C:\" drive. The second thing is that ”%User name%” is the username of your Windows login.

When you go to that folder you shold see your quick links as it shown on the next image. If you see the Show Desktop icon you do not have to restore it. Maybe it is not enabled in ”Taskbar and Start Menu Properties”.

Restore show desktop icon

On the screen-shoot I am one step forward.
Actually you can see what "Show Desktop.scf" file contains to work as Show Desktop icon.
I have opened it with ”WordPad” (located at Start Button – Programs – Accessories – WordPad)

To restore missing show desktop icon open one WordPad, then in a blank file copy and paste the string from bellow.
Then save the file as "Show Desktop.scf" (without the quotes) in the ”Quick Launch” folder which location I typed on the previous paragraph.
When you are ready you should see the "Show Destkop" icon at your taskbar.

Besides that I will give the shortcut which shows the destkop with two clicks.

There is a verry easy way to show your desktop with the combination of two keys on your keyboard.

Press the ”Windows System Key + D” – check the image bellow.

That will be the same as clicking on the ”Show Desktop" icon.

Restore show desktop icon

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