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While we were on custom CMS, we missed the advantage of using many scripts and applications developed and available trough many popular publishing applications. After migrating over WordPress  one of the first plugins of course was a social plugin. The current theme fitted well with very good scrolling social plugin, giving ability to people visiting the website to share easily within their social networks.

Maybe you have noticed already the floating social media buttons on the left side of this tutorial, but I will post a screen shoot , as in the future it could be not there because of theme change or social plugin location is designed differently.

Scrolling social pluginCertainly to use it you should have WordPress as CMS or good knowledge as programmer to modify it as per your needs and website specification. I will describe how this social plugin can be installed and then how to configure it to scroll down and up when the visitors of your website scroll while browsing.

First you will need to install the plugin.  For that you can use the WordPress admin page, or you can directly download it from here , decompress it and upload using FTP to the plug-in folder of your CMS.

Since the second method is rather old, and used rarely, I give as example the internal plugin installation from the administrative section. Once you are logged in, expand “Plugins” section, choose add new, and type the same as on the picture “Digg Digg”.

add social plugin

This will list a lot of options, but you should look for the social plugin written by Yong Mook Kim – usually the first result.

Second, you will have to install the plugin, and active it.Then a new menu will appear on the left side-bar in your administration section. Expand it and choose “Floating display” – this is the configuration menu of the plugin where you can enable and choose the float options.

Scrolling socia plugin setup

Here you will be able to edit the display configuration deciding where the scrolling social plugin will appear. The current options are: Home, Post, Page, Category, Tag, Archive.

Next will be to choose your preferred social networks to display.

Social networks plugin

As you can see I have chosen a few, as I think more than this number will confuse the visitors, as well as these are the networks we interact mostly. To scroll social media buttons with the content, check the “Ajax Floating” check-box for the ones you like to use.

You have additional options like extra integration of e-mail and print links next to the other floating social media buttons , ability to edit the social plugin code, and certainly option to donate some to the author of this plugin.

Do not forget to save the changes – there is an option on every section, and .. enjoy your new  social plugin that floats !



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