Set an application folder in IIS on Windows server

This tutorial will show you how to set a folder as an application in IIS on Windows server.
Application folder is a folder from the web content with own web.config file which runs with different settings than the main web.config.

I presume you are familiar with IIS, so I will not explain IIS, application pool, etc.

Open IIS Manager. (for example: Start -> Run type there inetmgr), then click on the websites.
Click on desired website and go the folder which has to be created as an application folder.
Right click on that folder and then choose ‘Properties’.

Set an application folder in IIS on Windows server

By default the ‘Directory’ tab should appear where the Application settings for the folder are located.

Set an application folder in IIS on Windows server

Click on ‘Create’ button on application name. This is enough the folder to be turned into application under IIS.
Choose the application pool – usually this should be the one for the domain under which the folder is placed.
And do not forget to choose the ASP needed version from the ASP tab.
Certainly you can manage the rest of the settings like ‘Directory Browsing’, ‘Write Permissions’, ‘Execute permissions’, ‘Index this resources’, ‘Script source access’, etc., as per your needs. I am just giving you directions how to make an application folder in IIS on a Windows server.

Once you are ready the folder will have different icon by which Windows servers are marking the application folders.

Set an application folder in IIS on Windows server

I hope this was useful to you. For more tutorials, you may use the search bar or you can go trough the different categories and sub categories of the site.


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