Setup IncrediMail account

With few easy steps you will be guided how to setup an email account in IncrediMail.

I presume you have IncrediMail already installed, so just start it.

Then go to: ‘Tools -> Accounts’.

Setup IncrediMail account

This will open ‘Mail Accounts’ pane which should be empty if this is the first email account setup under IncrediMail.

Setup IncrediMail account

Now click on ‘Add’ and IncrediMail ‘Account Wizard’ will appear.

Setup IncrediMail account

There you have two options:

1. Automatically configure IncrediMail settings.
2. Let me configure settings myself.

The first option will search through other e-mail clients on the same computer like ‘Outlook’ and ‘Outlook Express’ and will offer you to import the settings from there.

Setup IncrediMail account

If it shows a correct account, already setup on one of the listed there, just select it and click ‘Finish’

Otherwise go back and we will proceed with the second step in order to setup the settings manually.

Select: ‘I Let me configure settings myself‘ and click ‘Next’

On the next IncrediMail Account Wizard screen you will have to put your name as you want it to appear in the outgoing mails and your e-mail box.

Setup IncrediMail account

Once the information is entered click ‘Next’ where you will see IncrediMail ‘Incoming and Outgoing mail servers‘.

Setup IncrediMail account

The default incoming mail server usually is ‘’ (ISP means Internet Service Provider) or ‘’ if you have registered domain.

About the outgoing mail server they are like: ‘’ or ‘’.

If you have issues or you are doubt about the right settings call your mail service provider.

Fill the fields and click ‘Next’ for the next screen which is ‘User name and password’.

Setup IncrediMail account

The username usually is the entire e-mail address like ‘’. However some mail servers are configured to require only the account name.
Enter your password responding to the particular box and click ‘Finish’.
The IncrediMail account setup will end with congratulations.

Setup IncrediMail account

Now, to test your new IncrediMail account, just send a message to yourself.

If you have issues sending and receiving, probably there are specific settings that must be set as different ‘port numbers’, SSL connections, specific prefix (for example instead ‘pop’ or ‘smtp’ to be ‘mail’)

More email tutorials you can find under our E-mail clients section.


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