Setup iPhone mail account settings

Setup iPhone mail tutorial will guide you through the settings of POP3 mail configuration on your Apple iPhone.

First activate the phone screen, and then click on ‘Settings”¦

Setup iPhone mail account settings

.. next is to click on the iPhone Mail .

Setup iPhone mail account settings

Now to setup a new account click on ‘Add Account‘.

Setup iPhone mail account settings

Since Apple there are several preconfigured options in iPone like ‘Google, ‘Yahoo’, ‘Mac’ and ‘AOL’, but probably you need to setup different mail since you are reading this iPhone tutorial.

To setup a different account tap on ‘Other’

Setup iPhone mail account settings

In this ‘Other’ section in your iPhone, choose POP, then fill the credentials for the mail account.

Setup iPhone mail account settings

The Incoming and outgoing mail settings for this iPhone mail setup must be gathered from your web hosting provider.

Usually they are ‘‘ for the incoming server as the username is the whole e-mail address, i.e. the mail box name. (do not forget to change with your domain name!)

The outgoing server uses ‘‘ again with the whole e-mail box name.

When you are ready, double check the settings with the service provider and click ‘Save’ at the top right corner of the iPhone screen.

Setup iPhone mail account settings

This will put you back into the Mail section, but this time you will have the new account available at the top.

Congratulations you have setup your mail. Now go to your main iPhone screen and click on ‘Mail’ icon.

Setup iPhone mail account settings

Then choose the iPhone account you just setup.

Setup iPhone mail account settings

There choose the iPhone inbox to see the downloaded messages.

Setup iPhone mail account settings

If you see your mails, and you are able to read them the iPhone tutorial finishes for you here.

But if you have additional information from your mail service provider like different port number, or SSL connection, you will need to go further and manage the settings.

For example if I have to change the settings mentioned above (port number, SSL) I will go back to my main screen, there again ‘Settings -> Mail -> Other -> Accounts -> tap on the mail account

Setup iPhone mail account settings

This will pull up the iPhone mail settings. There located the ‘Advanced’ settings at the bottom and tap on it.

Setup iPhone mail account settings

There you can manage the incoming and outgoing settings. In my example I need to put ‘ON’ the SSL for iPhone ‘Outgoing mail server’ and will change the server port to be 465.

Setup iPhone mail account settings

Do the changes there according to the settings provided by your mail service provider and then go back to the main iPhone and check your mails.


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