Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting

This type of hosting is widely spread and most of the hosting companies provide it. As the name says, you are sharing recourses with other people on a same server. Each company have named different hosting plans with different names, but almost all are separated to few categories.

Starter plan – as the name says this kind of plans are for people that do not need much resources, or just start their first web page.
Such plan has low cost, not much hosting space (50GB-100GB) and limited number of e-mail accounts. Depending on the hosting company policy this kind of plan may be with limited monthly traffic.

Standard hosting plan – here the picture is rather the same as with the Starter plan, but you may have a little bit more hosting space provided, more e-mail and FTP accounts. The price could be fewer dollars more. Also in this plan could be included free vouchers for different marketing promotions like Google Adsense, Yahoo ads, etc.

Advanced hosting plan – here the difference of the provided services could be considerable, and among with the more space, mails, additional domains hosted, you may have your hosting attached to back up system that ensures your data is safe and secure. Certainly the price is way different.

Ecommerce hosting plan – you are online entrepreneur and you need Good looking Online store, Marketing tools, Payment processors, Secure certificates, Site statistics, Analytics tools, etc. – then this is the hosting plan you need. In some hosting companies such plan could be separated to lets say E-commerce and E-commerce Pro, as in the Pro plan as well as the e-commerce option, you may be able to resale hosting space.
Certainly the price of such plans is rather big for an average company, but if you are good, you can really make money online.

For conclusion I will say that shared hosting some times is even better solution that the Dedicated hosting, because the support is often free, you receive a lot of options and services for a not really big price.

The only bad part here is that if you start using a lot of the resources on the shared server, then probably you will receive a letter like:

… We see your business is doing well, since your account is taking % of the CPU usage which is affecting the rest of the users on this server. Our suggestion is to move your account to a dedicated server where you will have all the recourses just for you’¦‘

If that happens to you, take in mind that moving to Dedicated hosting is really not so easy, as well as that you probably have to pay to an administrator, you have to pay your website to be redesigned in order to match the dedicated server specification and you have to pay for a lot of more unexpected things that may appear like backups, additional IP addresses, firewall, load balancing, etc.

I have to mention that this article is a part of How to do (start) online business by myself where you can find more useful information.

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