Upload files to iPod using Winamp

This tutorial will show you how to install Winamp plug-in and use it to upload files to your Apple iPod.

As you are reading this page probably you are dissatisfied by Apple iTunes, bored waiting for play list rebuilding, or lost what and where to click there.

Most likely iTunes is not so bad if you have master degree for it, but personally I prefer the things happening fast.

In order to use iPod with Winamp you will need a plug-in called ‘ml_ipod’.

As the developers of this add-on said – it’ ‘¦allows you to send and get songs off your iPod from Winamp”s Media Library’:


Download the Winamp’s plug-in from the above link and simply install it.
Then start Winamp, but before that do not forget to close iTunes, because if it is running you will receive an error.

Upload files to iPod using Winamp

Once Winamp is started, plug your iPod and select your model from the popup menu appeared.

Upload files to iPod using Winamp

Then click on Winamp”s Media Library (ML button) and there locate your iPod device.
In my case it is ‘iPod shuffle’, but according to your choice it will be either Regular iPod with hard drive, iPod nano, mini, etc.

Upload files to iPod using Winamp

Now ‘¦ now it is simple as it sounds: just ‘drag and drop’ the music you want to upload from your hard disk into the Winamp”s Media Library as you make sure your iPod device is selected.

You will see a progress bar during the upload of the files, and when it finishes just click the ‘Eject’ button at the bottom left, unplug the device and start listening music or watching movies.

As you can see you have all similar to iTunes options like Enqueue, Sort, Sync, etc.
Also you have iPod support into the Winamp’s preferences.

Upload files to iPod using Winamp

There you have:

Extras – were you can enable ‘Photo upload’ support.

Transfers – there you manage the ‘Upload’, ‘Download’ and ‘Logging’ parameters.

Speech – ‘Podcasts’ and ‘Audio books’ support.

Audio & Video – ‘Cover Art’, ‘Volume’ support and more.

Another advantage of using Winamp to send files to your iPod is that installation is about 20MB for Winamp vs. iTunes‘ where it is 109MB.
Consider which one will eat more or less computer resources and which one will be faster?

Hope you liked this tutorial about Winamp and iPod. Take in mind that I am not doing propaganda, but as I said I like the thinks to happen faster.

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