How To Create A Vintage Car Grunge Poster

In this guide, we will discuss the steps in creating a vintage car poster with that distinct grunge style that many people like. We will be combining a lot of different elements here to get the right grunge + vintage look that we need. So we will have to pay attention to a lot of details and acquire some great fancy (but totally free) elements. Let us get started.

1. Before anything else, we will need to setup our base poster document. So open up Adobe Photoshop and then press CTRL+N to create a new document. Set your dimensions for a poster. A typical poster dimension is an 11×17 inch poster, so we punch in those details. Also make sure to choose at least 300ppi for resolution as this is the basic standard for quality printing. If you’re looking for a poster printer click here

2. Now, with a new document open, we will start by building up our background. To make a grunge paper background, we are going to combine three elements. We will use an old paper texture and two additional grunge wall finishing textures. So first we paste in our old paper texture. This will be our base. You can find lots of free textures like this in Flickr, Deviantart or Morguefile.

3. Next, we paste in a grunge texture of an unfinished wall with rough concrete elements. We chose this because it had some nice scratchy lines that may add an old worn out feel to the paper. We scaled it to size, and then we changed its blend mode to ‘Multiply’. We also reduced its opacity so that we can see the texture integrated subtly unto the paper.

4. Next, we paste in our last grunge element. This time, it is a concrete texture with discolored spots. The spots can help simulate the discolored features of old paper. De-saturate the image by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+U.

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