Web hosting setup for domain in Plesk panel

Web hosting setup for domain in Plesk panel will describe the options provided when you create domain in Plesk.
The next image will show how the ‘web hosting setup’ section looks like.

Web hosting setup for domain in Plesk panel

Here you have to make your choices according to the requirements of the application or pages you want to host on this domain.

The web hosting setup in Plesk starts with the current set of the domain. In this case the specified hosting settings are an exclusive IP address and the default certificate.

Also here you can choose SSL support (this will be useful in case you are planning to setup online store ‘“ OsCommerce for example).

Another useful option is to allow SSH access to server with FTP user”s credentials under the ‘Account Preferences’ section. If you are not sure whether or not you need that type of access it is better to leave it ‘Forbidden’!

‘Services’ contains the core options for the Plesk web hosting setup.

Apache ASP support – This allows ASP web pages to be run on the server. In this case the component was not installed.
SSI support – allows Server-Side Include support – a type of HTML comment that directs the Web server to dynamically generate data for the Web page whenever it is requested.
PHP support – Parser Hypertext Preprocessor support ‘“ PHP is a server-side, HTML embedded scripting language used to create dynamic web pages
CGI support – Common Gateway Interface support ‘“ CGI is a standard for interfacing web servers with an executable application. A CGI program can be written in any language like Perl or C/C++ and it is often stored in a special directory like /cgi-bin. CGI is often used to process data from HTML forms
Perl support ‘“ this will allow Perl scripts related to CGI to be run for this domain.
Python support ‘“ this will allow Python scripts to be run on the server for this domain. In this case the component was not installed.
FastCGI support – required for Ruby on Rails
Miva support ‘“ Miva is powerful Merchant store, but it is rather expensive.
ColdFusion supportColdfusion is a language and a webserver which is used for developing web applications & websites – ColdFusion is commercial application and it is not supported by the license key in this case.
Web statistics – you can make them accessible via password protected directory ”/plesk-stat/webstat/”
Custom Error Documents ‘“ custom pages which will handle errors on your website or missing pages.

When you are ready with the web hosting setup click on ‘Next’ to continue with the resource policy, or click ‘Finish’ to create the domain.

On the next screen you will have options to manage the quotes of the services provided for this domain.
If you are hosting company or reseller, here is the place where you are setting up the hosting plan parameters.

Web hosting setup for domain in Plesk panel

The default settings are pretty enough for decent hosting. Modify the Plesk web hosting parameters, and create the domain as clicking on ‘Finish’

Then the domain management section will appear.

Web hosting setup for domain in Plesk panel

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