Website Navigation

Website Navigation

The navigation is one of the most important parts of your website and you should spend time to develop it and make it user-friendly . When a visitor comes on your website, you have like few seconds to catch his attention before he leaves.
You must ‘describe’ where the person is, what he can do, how he can do it. If your website content is not 100% understand by the visitor in the first 10-15 seconds that means you have failed and you will have big bounce rate (closing a page almost a few seconds after a visitor has landed on it is a behavior called ‘Bounce Rate’).
With good navigation you will facilitate your visitors and will allow them quickly and easily to find what they need. Here are the basic rules of good navigation:

‘¢ Mandatory in page should appear the main menu. Put there links to the most important sub-pages. Avoid drop-down menus, heavy GIF of Flash animations for buttons since this may slow the website

‘¢ All navigation menus must be displayed in a obvious place

‘¢ One more time – the individual links in the menus should be short and clear headed

‘¢ It is recommended to use CSS and JS or AJAX (use them sparingly to save practically useless code)

‘¢ If your page has more number of categories (sections) it is good idea to add a ‘site map‘ and search form

‘¢ Place alternate text buttons – this will provide the visitor more options

In general to design effective interface, first you should know how your visitors ‘see’ your website when they land on it. Before the final launch of the website, check with your relatives and even with focus groups whether your site navigation is perspicuous.

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