Website preview in Plesk

This tutorial will show you how to preview your website when you host it on a server with Plesk control panel.
This is useful in cases when you migrating to a new server and you do not want to move your domain yet because of the propagation time which can be more than 24 hours.

First login to your Plesk control panel using the administrator”s account. By default this is user ”admin” .

Once you are logged in on the left navigation tab, go to ”System” and choose ”Server”

Website preview in Plesk

When you are into the ”Server Administration” page click on ”IP Addresses”

Website preview in Plesk

In the ”IP Addresses management” click on the number at the end of the IP address” line under ”Hosting”.

Website preview in Plesk

You will see the list of domains which are setup on the same IP. Locate the domain you need and select the radio button in front of it. Then click on the ”Set as Default” link at the top.

Website preview in Plesk

After the submission the change will take effect immediately so, you can log out from the control panel and preview the page as typing the IP address as URL in your browser”s address bar.

Website preview in Plesk


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  1. Great tutorial – just wondering how to do this – excellent took about 60 seconds to do. Many, many thanks!

  2. `Tonny says:

    Yes, it is rather old verstion, but the preview settings in Plesk using IP address are still the same.

  3. K Khalifa says:

    Great information– thanks a bunch!

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