Website speed optimization

Website speed optimization

When you create a website you should take in mind one very important detail – the speed with which it loads. A majority of the Internet users do not like to wait and any interruption while loading or slow loading pages will make them leave. Therefore you should ensure that your site be opened quickly and smoothly. I will provide you with a few tips about creating your website optimized for speed.

– Try to make all the graphics in your website to be smaller as it possible as a size (in kBytes). Big and slow loading images will from there the entire page that happens and the whole page.

– The code of the page must as shorter as possible without redundant tags

– Playing background music on a page will definitely slow it down while loading. In addition the statistics have shown that a majority of the Internet users do not like sounds and background music.

– If there is too much information on a topic in a page of your site, you can split it into two or more smaller pages as required in any such site put a link to previous and next. This is also good for the SEO, since each page will have separate keywords

– If you have frames on the website (page), make sure you they are not too many. Using frames at all is not good idea because of various reasons.

– last, but not least is the speed of your web server. If it is located in USA, it will be rather slow if you try to open it in China. Also you may need better hardware if the one you are using cannot afford bug load.

The Google Webmaster Tools provide really good crowler statistics which can help you to determine whether you have good website speed optimization, and to compare it with the rest similar sites in Internet.

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