Windows 7 RC installation instructions

Windows 7 is the newest desktop (OS) operating system, announced by Microsoft. As many application developers and users were left not satisfied by previous MS OS Windows Vista, Windows 7 is more abided now.

To install Window 7 RC (release candidate) you will need to know few important things:

1. Windows 7 installation cannot upgrade your current Windows XP or Vista edition. It must be done with clean installation, so if you have already an OS on your PC you have either to backup all your data before the install, or if you want just to see it and you are not sure whether you want it, to install it on VMWare.

2. Microsoft officially announced that Windows 7 RC will expire on June 1, 2010. Starting on March 1, 2010, when your PC will shut down every 2 hours

3. Minimum system requirements:

– 1 GHz or faster 32-bit or 64-bit processor;

– 1 GB RAM for 32-bit processors and 2 GB RAM for 64-bit processors;

– 8,7GB disk space for 32-bit processors and 17GB for 64-bit processors;

– Good graphics processor compatible with DirectX 9;

First download Windows 7 RC from official Microsoft site:

From there you will download an ISO file, so if you are not going to use VMWare, you need to burn it on a DVD with DVD burner. For example:Burn ISO image with Nero Burning ROM

I presume you have the Windows 7 installation already ”baked” on a DVD and you have ‘blank’ PC or you have all your data stored as backup.

So turn on your computer and put the DVD with Windows 7 installation in your CD/DVD ROM.
Note: ‘Your CD/DVD ROM should your first bootable device!’

Then you shall see this screen:

Windows 7 RC installation instructions

When it is done Windows 7 will continue with few questions about ‘Language to install’, Time and currency format and Keyboard or input method’:

Windows 7 RC installation instructions

The next step is: ‘Installing Windows‘. Where are to stages: ‘Collecting information’ and ‘Installing Windows’

Windows 7 RC installation instructions

In the first stage the Windows 7 files will be copied on your hard disk and then will be expanded (unzipped).

With the second stage it will start installing features, upgrades and the installation will be completed.

When both stages are passed, you will be asked simply for account username and the name of PC. Then a screen requiring entering of a password will appear:

Windows 7 RC installation instructions

You can pass this step, but it is good idea to create a password as it is ”¦a smart security precaution that helps protect your user account from unwanted access.’

The next step will be to review your Windows 7 time and date settings:

Windows 7 RC installation instructions

The next screen will ask whether you want important and recommended updates to be installed.

Windows 7 RC installation instructions

I will advice you to install important updates only, but if you want to see the new Windows faster or your computer is not connected with Internet, simply chose ‘Ask me later’ option.

Then Windows will finalize your settings and you will see the Windows 7 desktop for a first time.

Windows 7 RC installation instructions

Few more moments are needed for setting up your Windows 7 personal settings and desktop update.

Once these setups are finished you can start using the new Windows.

Just press the START button.

Windows 7 RC installation instructions

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