World ipv6 day will be on 6 June 2012

World IPv6 DayLast 2011 World IPv6 Day was on June 8th and it was huge step forward for implementing IPv6 globally in Internet. It was involving websites and Internet service providers around the world, including Limelight Networks, Akamai, Facebook, Yahoo! and many more coming together to populate and enable IPv6 for their products.

This year 6 June 2012 will be the IPv6 World Day. Major ISPs, networking equipment manufacturers, web companies, and many more involved into the Internet industry will permanently enable IPv6 in their services.
Many participating websites in World IPv6 Day will join the global trial of the new protocol, IPv6. 24 hours event will demonstrate how the companies are prepared to move to IPv6-enabled Internet. If you wan to join the launch you can visits , and do not forget to test your IPv6 connectivity at


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