Additional body keyword optimization factors

In the previous tutorial about Keyword density in body text we discuss the percentage of a particular keyword inside a body text and how is not good to be too insolent of its usage.
We described there that the keyword often is a phrase not just a single word.

Now we will continue with additional keyword optimization factors in the body text, and the first one is:

Individual keyword density

Individual keyword is a word which is part of the phrase that we are optimizing for, set in bold, underlined or in brackets.
The percentage of these individual keywords should be in range of 1%-6% according to the whole text.

Again if you overdo it the spiders may render that high density as spam, which will results as a lower PageRank or suspension from the search engine indexes.
My advice is to put two – three very precisely in the text.

In general SE do not like single words as they do not giving them much meaning on the matter of the text.

The next image is a good example of BAD optimization, and how you should NOT do.
Even if you manage to dupe the search engines, eventual reader will be pissed and the ‘Bounce Rate’ that we spoke about in Keywords in web page body text will be high above the average.

Additional body keyword optimization factors

The next element marked from the search engines as HOT is:

Keyword in H1, H2 and H3 tags.

If you are not aware what are these tags, please read this tutorial: Definition and usage of the general HTML tags

The first and most important advice is to use H* style tags appropriately.

It should be similar as the topic of the site, title of the text and the words in Meta tag. Having a site about spoons with HTML tag ‘Bruce Lee’ is not going to help you with the site optimization.

Here the spamming is penalized again. If you put your page title, Meta tags, and all h1-h3 tags as well as 20% of the text with one and the same keyword is not good idea at all.
Better keep close to the matter of the text, use synonyms and separate the different words from the keyword phrase that you want to optimize for.

The next image is example of suitable usage of the H1, H2 and H3 tags.

Additional body keyword optimization factors

You can see how they are organized as Title, sub-titles and conclusion. Simply use them appropriately including your keywords within.

Maybe you find them as too big and you want your titles and text at all to be with different size? We will discuss Keyword font size in the next tutorial.

And yes, we keep sitting in the blue SEO Compliance circle of the SEO process.

Additional body keyword optimization factors

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