Advices about website design

Advices about website design

The design of a website has a major influence to the opinion of the website visitors. One of the first thing that most of the visitors will notice is the appearance of your website. Try to include the following tips in your website project in order to make it look well and build a good impression in your visitors:

– Consider the look and the theme design to be built according to the main purpose of the site

– Use nice colors that not irritate the human eyes – gothic design of a website will not be very useful if a visitor has to read a lot of text

– The background should not be nailing in the eyes. Try to focus on the main part of the website

– The number of colors used should be not too big. Select colors which will contrast and coincide with each other. It is not recommended to use more than 3-5 colors. At the same time try to avoid your site to look too \"lenten\".

– The style of each element (font, logo, buttons, background, bands) should be consistent with other parts of the page

– Use appropriate compression in your images for your page to keep their quality. Use appropriate graphic editor, such as Adobe Photoshop

– The text must contrast with the background to be readable. It is recommended for light background text on it is dark and the opposite – on a dark background use bright text

– Use appropriate fonts. Recommended Verdana, Arial, Times New Roman and Tahoma. Too large fonts are not recommended. The most commonly used size of the fonts above is 8-12 pt.

– Avoid unnecessary use of different moving animations (GIF, Flash) which will make your site slower

– One of the most important things in a website is its logo. The logo must be consistent with the theme of the site

If you follow this tips, your website will become more appreciated by your visitors and will make them returning visitors, which is probably your main purpose.

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