Backlinks quality – positive off-page factor.

In the previous tutorial we discussed the number of incoming links pointed to your site and how you can find out how many they are.

Here will continue with another very important indicator affecting the PageRank(RP) of your site – backlinks quality

The quality of the incoming links can be separated to a few classes.

Incoming link from high-ranking pages.

Anchor text of inbound link to you.

The incoming links from high-ranking pages is Google patent and is closely connected with the PR of the site.

If you are wandering what is the PR on a page or site where you intend to put a link to your site, this can be easily inspected on a Google toolbar:

Backlinks quality - positive off-page factor.

If you do not have such installed on your browser simply type ‘PR Checker’ or ‘page PR check’ in any search engine and you will receive thousands of offers like this one.

Basically the PR of a page is based on the quality of links to it. So, the bigger the rank the bigger weight will bring to your site.

This is closely related to the anchor text of inbound link pointing to you.

Let’s examine two link examples:

Backlinks quality - positive off-page factor.

As you can see the anchor text for this presumable backlink is ‘here’.

Even that Goolge claims they are inspecting the entire page and the text surrounding every link I think better use this kind of inbound linking:

Backlinks quality - positive off-page factor.

It is more descriptive and provides exact keywords for the linked page. Even if you have several links with such keyword, there is no need to have these keyword(s) on that page in order to have it listed in the search engines for that word or phrase.

Another valuable backlink factor is the age of the link. As oldest it is as better.
Also the position of the link matters and it is better to be found by the crawlers early in the HTML code.

The weigh of the link can be highly increased if it is located in a site with the same subject-matter. If it is well ranked and trusted (so called expert) site will give enormous boost to the linked page.

One of these sites is in spite of that it is directory, and the directories are not so valuable now.
Anyway there are always exceptions and we will discuss that in another tutorial.

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