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osCommerce password reset using PHPMyAdmin

I will dedicate this tutorial to the people who had lost their ‘web guy’ by any reason.
Statements like: ‘The guy who cared for the site is not longer with the company’, ‘My tech guy passed away’ (this may sound like cynicism, but behind it often stands:’ I didn’t pay last time and my web designer left me…’), etc. – are really often when the owner of the site and the designer is different person.

Take the above as a joke usually spread within Tech Support. I do not mean to insults anyone, but even I will help you with the resolution of one really annoying problem ‘“ osCommerce lost password.

With the next few steps we will do osCommerce password reset using PHPMyAdmin.
There is no qualitative hosting without PHPMyadmin installed , so I presume you have such one and you can access the osCommerce database using it.

So, open you PHPMyAdmin(PMA) and locate the osCommerce database. I am afraid that if you are having many databases with no recognizable names it will be rather tough, but you may compare it with the next screenshot:


osCommerce Online Store Stettings

Please read the previous article since this tutorial is ‘part 2’ of Installation instructions (setup) osCommerce online shop.

If you have read it already lets continue with step osCommerce Online Store Settings.This web-based installation routine will correctly setup and configure osCommerce Online Merchant to run on the server.

Please follow the on-screen instructions that will take you through the database server, web server, and store configuration options. If help is needed at any stage, you also can consult the documentation or seek help at the community support forums.

Installation instructions (setup) osCommerce online shop.

This tutorial will go trough the steps of installing (setting-up) osCommerce online shop. You can use it as a review since the setup is not so difficult, and also you may check this tutorial osCommerce installation – preparatory settings where you will find more information about the hosting requirements, osCommerce files upload, and installation script permissions.

If you have it passed already you should know that the URL where you should go is: where ‘ocs’ is the folder which contains the osCommerce installation files on your hosting ..

Ones you are you will see the osCommerce Online Merchat welcome message:

osCommerce Online Merchant allows you to sell products worldwide with your own online store. The administration side manages products, customers, orders, newsletters, specials, and more to successfully build and thrive on the success of your online business.
We have attracted the largest community for an online shop shopping cart solution that consists of over 140,000 registered store owners and developers who help one another out and have provided over 4,000 add-ons that extend the features and potential of your online store.
osCommerce Online Merchant and its add-ons are available for free under an Open Source license to help you start selling online sooner without any licensing fees or limitations involved.


osCommerce installation – preparatory settings

This tutorial will help you with the preliminary steps that must be passed for successful osCommerfce installation.
First you should download osCommerce package from their official website. Choose the latest one and download it.Then contact your hosting provider and make sure that they support:

PHP v3+ (PHP v5+ recommended)
MySQL v3+ (MySQL v5+ recommended)

Except if your hosting is not an ancient one these versions should be supported and you have any doubts just ask your hosting provider.
Extract the downloaded osCommerce package on your local computer, and using FTP client upload the files and the folders to your hosing, in a directory preliminary created. In my case this folder is called ‘osc’. On the next image you can see how using FileZilla FTP client I have uploaded the extracted files to my FTP.