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How to move my e-mails to a new server

Loosing mails is definitely one of the most common and most unpleasant thing that might happen to a person with a lot of daily communication activities. There could be various reasons for moving your e-mail, like changing hosting company, or moving to another server.

With this tutorial I will show you how you can move all your e-mails using e-mail client. I will do my example with Outlook Express (in Windows 7 it is just Mail or Live mail) since it comes with the default Windows installation.

The only important factor this tutorial to help you is whether your new mail provider supports IMAP.


Setup Windows Live Mail account in Vista

This tutorial is about to show you how to configure your Vista Windows Mail in order to send and receive messages from your e-mail box.

To proceed with this tutorial you will need the following information from your mail service provider:

I. Incoming mail sever;

II. Outgoing mail server;

III. Email box username;

IV. Email box password;

V. Specific settings like SSL or port settings (These settings are optional and usually are provided by the service provider in your ‘welcome papers’).

Now, I suggest you have all the information needed. To start creating the account in Windows Mail go to ‘Tools – > Accounts’¦’