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How to add avatar to my forum profile.

This tutorial will show you how you can easily add avatar picture or image to a forum profile.

For the example I will use one really fast and free avatar hosting site logically named

I choose it because there is no need of account sing up and takes about 20 seconds to host your avatar.

First go to (copy and paste that link or click on free image hosting).


Adding image hosting site picture link to website

With this tutorial I will show you how you can use free image hosting to link pictures to your webpage.

I will use AvatarHosting.NET site which is very easy to be used, no need to create and account and provide reliable image hosting service.

First go to (copy and paste that link or click on free image hosting).

Free eBay Picture Hosting

As you certainly know eBay is: ‘online auction and shopping website in which people and businesses buy and sell a broad variety of goods and services worldwide‘.

These good people provide one really good marketplace, and certainly they want to earn money from it.
They have several taxes, but probably the most annoying (for me) is for the picture hosting.

That is why I prefer so called eBay Self Picture Hosting option, and this will be the matter of this tutorial: Free eBay Picture Hosting.

For that purpose I am using one really good site called, and I think it is good because even it is free picture hosting site, also it is fast. I tried to host some pictures on imageshack but sometimes the pictures are loading so slowly, so I am sure I am loosing money because of this. They have separate eBay picture hosting section where your pictures are hosted and do not appear trough the site.

So, let us see we can use Avatar Hosting .net for Free eBay Picture Hosting.

Open the home page of Avatar Hosting .net, then at left you will see the upload section.

Choose there browse and locate the picture you want to host for eBay Sales.
Then eBay pictures category, click on private if you do not want to share your images with others and write down your e-mail where the link codes will be send.

It should look similar to this(click on the image to enlarge it):


Fast and easy avatar, image and picture hosting with

With this tutorial we will promote one excellent website for picture, image and of’ course avatars called

Recently we started a good relationship with this site as the image hosting method there is very fast and easy and do not require any kind of registration.
In the same time the site will provide you with ‘copy and paste’ links of the picture and its thumbnails, which can be used directly on your site, in forums, blogs, MySpace, Facebook, eBay picture hosting etc.
Also you can simply upload and share funny images or pictures of yours with few clicks.

This advantage is well used with our site helping us with some of the images included in our tutorials.

With a few steps I will show how useful is this website.

First visit the site at

You will see rather different view from the one on the image bellow, but I crop it just to show you the core part of the home page.