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MySQL commands, and MySQL usage

To be honest this won’t be a tutorial, but a list with useful MySQL commands common used to create, mange and maintain MySQL databases, as well as many PHP and Perl API functions you can use to interface with MySQL.
Certainty they are command line commands, but some of them can be used in PHPMyAdmin also.

Let’s start with the ‘first’ MySQL command used for connecting to a database server:

Compare (collate) MySQL databases

Recently I used to be in a group that had a task to migrate few servers without downtime, and by mistake made by one of our system administrators one of the servers went live with outdated database.

Since when we discovered that mistake two days later, there were major changes happened on the database and we had to compare it with the most recent one.

I will not fall into details, but I will say that on that server we didn’t have SSH access, as well as that the remote access to 3306 port number was forbidden. PHPMyAdmin installation was the only way to dump the database.

Then we had to compare the MySQL changes that were made on the database while it was live.
During that time I found ExamDiff which is a freeware Windows tool for visual database comparison. It has a number of simple and convenient features that many users have been asking for a long time from a file comparison tool.

The tool usage is rather easy. Start the application and then choose the MySQL databases backups to compare.