Cheating with page redirect

Here we will continue the topic about negative search engine optimization factors, with deceit redirect of a page – very often used cheat by Black Hat SEO.

The previous tutorial was about Bad neighborhood linking, where we discuss how nasty the non appropriate linking is.
Almost with the same negative ranking weight is the incorrect page redirecting.

Even if you do redirect of a site or a page for your convenience without a meaning to cheat, make scam or redirect traffic, if it is not done in the correct way may cause penalization from the search engines (SE).

First I will describe what spammers do, and then how it must be done in order to avoid condemnation by SE.

Let’s take a look at the next image where we have some text jumbled and bolded.

Cheating with page redirect

For the search engines this page is optimized for several repeated keywords with HTML tags, enough text for good weight, etc. – many factors that may help well indexing for a certain phrase.
Good for SEO, but probably if a visitor land on this page, will close his browser almost immediately.

What Black Hat webmasters do?
They launch this page, optimized for a certain phrase, wait until the search engines start showing it and then put a script which redirects to another page with scam, spam, selling offers or just a site where they need some traffic.

Because of this the search engines do not like redirecting if it is not permanent. Permanent redirect (so called HTML 301) we have when there is no holding on a page and go directly to another one.

Here is a list with different types of redirect which are used for cheating the search engines and visitors.

If you are using webmaster, or because of ignorance you have such code in your pages, better remove it and change it with the correct one.
Honestly only META refresh redirect is one that can be caught directly, but the rest can be discovered by the SE also so do not try to trick them.

The next is list with almost the same codes, but with parameter used for permanent redirect.

With these you should not have problems. Certainly if you just copy and paste code from above I cannot promise it will start working immediately as depending on your web server configuration it may need to be changed.

As I mentioned web server, the best way to do permanent redirect is on server level.

For example if you do not want to be a cheater, and want to do permanent redirect from ‘yourdomain.tld’ to ‘www. yourdomain.tld’ on your Linux server, the next .htaccess file can help you with that.

Hope you liked this tutorial and you won’t use the above example for cheating with redirect.

‘The dark side can easily take you young padawan’

Let’s continue with Bad words and language

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