Creating a simple web page with MS Word.

Nowadays a lot more people wants to have its own website. There are a lot of options such as Blogger, Blogspot, free blogs that you can customize as your site, Media Wiki ( that can make sites like Wiki Pedia), other content management systems like Joomla, etc.
Even these nice tools to create site you must have some basic skills to start.

In this tutorial we will give directions how to create a simple web page with MS Word.

First create a doc in MS Word.
Our example will be a simple CV.

Creating a simple web page with MS Word.

You can create almost anything as a page, but take in mind that the web site can become enormous which is not good, because if it is not loaded within couple of seconds a hypothetical visitor could not have patience to wait until it is loaded. That is because MS Word main purpose is not to make sites with, but documents. It is a bonus that you can save those docs as web site.

Next will be saving the document as html format:

Creating a simple web page with MS Word.

As you can see from the previous picture the document must be saved as site and usually if it will be the first page WEB Servers need to be called index.html

Once saved with MS Word you can open the file with any Internet Browser:

Creating a simple web page with MS Word.

Certainly you will need a web hosting for this created with MS Word page is you want to see it online. If you already have one, probably you will need FTP Client to upload the page to the web hosting.


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  1. gajrndra singh kushwah says:

    how to use this web page on interner and how to make website?

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    how to upload my web on internet

  3. Naushad says:

    need simple c.v format

  4. Tonny says:

    You can use the template from the picture. This is the most simple CV format you can create in MS Word.

  5. simple work done in simple way. Thanks

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