Joomla admin(administrator) password reset(change)

With this tutorial we intend to help people that have lost or forgotten Joomla”s admin password.

In this tutorial I will show you how to reset the Joomla password using PHPMyAdmin. If you do not have PHPMyAdmin you can install it by your self using this tutorial: Install PHP MyAdmin.

If you are experienced user click the following link if you want to reset Joomla password with MySQL command.

What we are going to do is to enter a new password instead of the current non known Joomla password.

There is one ‘magic’ line which we will use, and you can just copy and paste it without understanding all the commands and their sequence. This is a MySQL command which looks like that:

The Jommla”s admin password is located into a table which usually has prefix: ‘jos’. If it is with different name should edit the line and instead jos_users put there **_users where ** is the prefix with which your Joomla’s database was installed.

Access your PHP MyAdmin panel using the database credentials as it is shown in the PHP MyAdmin installation tutorial provided above.

Once you are in, locate the Joomla’s database table and select it.

Joomla admin(administrator) password reset(change)

Choose the database and then select the SQL option to enter command for the Joomla’s database:

Joomla admin(administrator) password reset(change)

Then enter the ‘magic’ MySQL command for changing the Joomla’s admin password provided in the first paragraph.

Joomla admin(administrator) password reset(change)

Change the string ‘anynewpassword’ with the new password. Also in the beginning when your Joomla has been installed if you had chosen a different Joomla administrator name instead of ‘admin’ – then you must edit that as well.

When you are ready with the changes, click on ‘Go’ button at your bottom left.

This will execute the MySQL query and will delete the old Joomla admin password and will write there the new one with MD5 encryption.

Now go back to your Joomla’s administration login and try the new credentials.

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