Keyword density in body text

In our previous tutorial we described the importance of the keywords in web page body text.

Keyword is a significant word or phrase entered into a search engine that returns relevant results.

Before starting with the first body text element ‘Keyword density’, I must tell you that it is good idea to do a research before you decide on your keywords. There are many free tools that can be used such as ‘Google Adwords Keyword Tool’, ‘Wordtracker freekeywords’, ‘Overture’, and others. About keyword suggestions you can pay attention to this article: The right keyword .

Ok, I presume you already have chosen good keyword with low competition, so let’s continue with implementing it within the body text.

The first factor that we will discuss is:

Keyword density in body text.

The keyword density is a measure of how many times a keyword is repeated in comparison with the whole web page content. For example if a keyword is written 10 times in text with 100 words the density will be 10%.
A good density is about 5-20 % of keywords according to the total number of words. More than this numbers will be considered as a spam from the search engines (SE). The percentage of the keywords varies on the topic.

Keyword density in body text

Take in mind that the engines get smarter, and it is not anymore so simple just to put targeted keyword phrase several times in a text. Now SE are crawling trough the body text doing topic analysis to find out what is the text relevant to.

You need to use keywords as a mix with other words on the page in order to determine what the content is about. If the words are overdone that can decrease the ranking of a page, so try to put them in the phrases where they make sense with moderate density.
This will help the SE to discover that your page is relevant to words you are targeting.

Let me give you example with one of the articles on this site.

The article was called C++ Tutorial and it was located in our article section, very close to our home page which gives good weight to it. It was kind of list of all C++ tutorials located at and initially was optimized for keyword same as the article title.
This initiative was very bravely as ‘C++ tutorial’ is short keyword and it is known that the SE do not like that.

This page was penalized for the major density of this keyword, and there was no visit landed with that phrase, as well as somehow it started spoiling other pages. Finally it was removed, making the other C++ tuts more reliable.

You can see on the next print screen from Google analytics what keywords are considered as relevant to that article.

Keyword density in body text

Make conclusions by your own.

So, Previously I said that the SE get more sophisticated and more strict, which also have good side since now they look for synonyms of the optimized keyword in their conclusions. Using synonyms will be helpful to have high keyword optimization and in the same time your content will sound natural for the page visitor.

Keyword density in body text is still a part of SEO Compliance section of the SEO Process.

Keyword density in body text

We will continue with the next tutorial about Additional body keyword optimization factors. Such as:

Individual keyword density

Keyword in H1, H2 and H3

Keyword font size

Keyword proximity (for 2+ keywords)

Keyword phrase order

Keyword prominence


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  1. Larry says:

    I just measured the keyword density of this tutorial to make sure it complies with the guidelines posted here. According to this keyword checker: , you have “keyword” at 3.54%, “tutorials” at 2.61%. So, you have them at pretty good counts. No wonder, it shows high in search engines. Nice work.

  2. Anthony Gee Tony Potter says:

    Thanks! Although there are different algorithms and I prefer to check the keyword density at: . There it shows:
    keyword 47 8.03%;
    tutorials 30 5.13%;
    density 29 4.96%;

    Also this page has A- for keyword density in: , as well as which is not a bad adviser about the right keyword.

  3. Arash says:

    I was making the keyword density in the text too big and I was having penalties for that.
    When I read the tutorial first time I thought I will try what is written here, and now I have really good results after the keyword body text optimization.

  4. Tonny Potter says:

    The keyword percentage depends on the size of the text. Also as a keyword we include the proximity.

  5. Sudha says:

    This article has helped me in learning on-page optimization to a great extent. Though, I guess, this is an old-written article of yours, but the content is still relevant even in the wake of the recent Penguin update. Keep writing.

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