Merge SSL certificate and key in PFX file

This tutorial will show you how to merge SSL certificate and key in PFX file. This is useful in case when you are migrate SSL certificate from Linux to Windows server, or if you Renew Windows SSL certificate when no key available.

For that purpose I am going to use tool called Open SSL that you may install from the Linux server repository, or take the source from here: OpenSSL. Also you can use the Windows version: OpenSSL for Windows.
OpenSSL is an open source implementation of the SSL and TLS protocols. The core library (written in the C programming language) implements the basic cryptographic functions and provides various utility functions.

Often I am using it also to create self-signed certificates for Linux and also for Windows – when again I have to merge the certificate and the key.

If you have CA certificate as well you can add it using this command:

The above command will merge with into It is rather simple, but if you have never used to work with OpenSSL it might be hard to find the correct syntax.
Also when you execute the command you will be prompted for an ‘Export Password’ (which can be blank) on the certificate.

As you can see it is self explainable. The only thing you may find odd is this ‘pkcs12’. Let’s say that this is the type of the key. In cryptography, PKCS refers to a group of public Key Cryptography Standards devised and published by RSA Security.

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