Nice Excel table

In this tutorial we will show you how to create easily a useful table in MS Excel.
MS Excel is really nice application, but it happens to have some annoying problems with displaying data in the spreadsheets.
I had have issues sometimes with managing my table for the monthly income / outcome and the main one was that I have to scroll up and down to see what is the column name.
I will show you how to create a nice excel table with the top row locked and the ability to see all the menus / column names during data scroll.

Open one document with some data that you want to mange.

Nice Excel table

We presume that you have one and it is already ordered and designed.
As you can see in my example I have made one table with fifteen columns and lot of ‘data’.

Now the point is when you scroll down through your excel worksheet, the very top raw to stay still and you to have the option to check time to time what data you are looking at.

It is rather easy to be done, but you should fallow some rules to make it correctly.
Mark with the left mouse button the cell in ‘A’ column on the second raw as it is shown at the picture bellow.

Nice Excel table

Honestly I found what you have to mark with false and tries. Probably it is written somewhere in the Excels help, but gosh if you have to dive in it just for specific option which you even do not know how is called.

So, you have marked the mentioned cell I presume. If it is done go to:

Window -> Freeze Panes

Nice Excel table

When you click it you will se that the line between the first and the second raw in the table is kind of bolded.

Nice Excel table

Well, just simply scroll down with your mouse wheel or using the scrollbar, and you will see how the top raw is frozen and the data is going up and down.

Here you can see that in my example bellow.

Now you have nice excel table created just with few clicks.

Nice Excel table

If you decide to stop using these frozen panes, as you can see from the screenshot above, it is a matter of the same steps with option ‘Unfreeze Panes’


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