On-page optimization advices and ranking factors – KEYWORDS

In several tutorials we will give you directions about on-page optimization directions for your website. This one (first from the On-page optimization advices and ranking factors series) will be about positive on-page SEO factors in general – regarding the keywords when you crate a website.

Keyword in the domain name

Certainly it is not good idea to purchase a domain like:
as Internet users like short names that can easily keep in mind

But, it is really good idea to buy domain with a keyword included inside your site’s main purpose. Well, we didn’t know that when we purchased freetutorialssubmit.com and probably it will be something with tutorial in the name. Here I could put smile, but it is not allowed with the tutorial submitting system that we use.
Anyway, let’s go back to the point.
As I said try to use at least one keyword that is related to the site’s purpose.
If you have site for pictures include the word ‘picture’ in your URL. ‘Pic’ is good as well as it is commonly used as curtailment and search engines count on that.

Keyword Use in Title Tag

Limit the length of their page title of 65 characters or less. The title tag has successively been the most important on-page SEO factor for the past few years.
A lot of people do not title their pages even some of them do not know where the title is showing. If you are one of them, here is an example:

On-page optimization advices and ranking factors - KEYWORDS

As it is told: ‘If you can to do only one SEO action on your site, take time and create a good titile.’

Very important is that every page should have a unique page title
Another thing is to repeat your title tag in their H1,H2,H3 tags. If you do not know what is that, check on the link and check the tutorial.

The title is the link that is shown in the search results of the search engine such as Google, so incorporate keyword phrases into the page title and get the search engine attention.

On-page optimization advices and ranking factors - KEYWORDS

The main problem with on page optimization is that if you want to rank for something, you can magnify or lie to get traffic. This is causing the results in the search engine to be different from the actual websites purpose. Therefore, the search engines decided to focus on off page optimization, which does not mean that you have to drop down the On-page one. As you can see from the diagram bellow it is still part of the SEO process.

On-page optimization advices and ranking factors - KEYWORDS

The next tutorial from this series of SEO Compliance will be about Keywords in Meta tags.

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