osCommerce installation – preparatory settings

This tutorial will help you with the preliminary steps that must be passed for successful osCommerfce installation.
First you should download osCommerce package from their official website. Choose the latest one and download it.Then contact your hosting provider and make sure that they support:

PHP v3+ (PHP v5+ recommended)
MySQL v3+ (MySQL v5+ recommended)

Except if your hosting is not an ancient one these versions should be supported and you have any doubts just ask your hosting provider.
Extract the downloaded osCommerce package on your local computer, and using FTP client upload the files and the folders to your hosing, in a directory preliminary created. In my case this folder is called ‘osc’. On the next image you can see how using FileZilla FTP client I have uploaded the extracted files to my FTP.

osCommerce installation - preparatory settings

The next step will be to go and login for a first time to your osCommerce admin panel. This can be done at this address: http://www.yourdomain.com/osc/admin/ – where ‘ocs’ is the folder which contains the osCommerce files. I am mentioning that again because it is important what URL you are going to put in order to reach this new installation.

Usually when you go to the admin section for a first time the installation script will appear and will report if there are any issue.
I have installed osCommerce more than ten times on different hosting servers, and among with other warnings always appears this one:

‘The webserver is not able to save the installation parameters to its configuration files.
The following files need to have their file permissions set to world-writeable (chmod 777):

osCommerce installation - preparatory settings

On the next screen I am showing how using FileZilla you can cover this osCommerce installation issue.

osCommerce installation - preparatory settings

Just select all the check boxes and this will make that osCommerce configuration file with 777 permissions ‘“ this will be shown at the ‘Numeric value filed’.

Once you have done this, you may continue with osCommerce installation instructions.


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