Setup (create) domain in Plesk panel

Even that the Plesk panel is really user friendly, when you are just starting using it you may have some difficulties or doubts about how to setup domain in Plesk panel properly.

In a few steps with screen-shoots I will show you how to setup one.

First step will be to login to Plesk panel . Then at the left panel expand ‘Clients’ and choose ‘Domains’. If there are no domains setup in Plesk you will have options only under ‘Tools’ section.

Setup (create) domain in Plesk panel

Click on the icon saying ‘Create Domain‘ and the next screen will appear:

Setup (create) domain in Plesk panel

The first section is ‘Domain name and IP address’ where you can set the domain name and to assign IP address in case you have more the one.

‘Use domain template settings’ will offer you some services to be run with that domain.

Mail ‘“ choose it if you want to have mail service. You can turn it on even with domain forwarding (Look bellow ‘Hosting type’)
DNS ‘“ This will turn on the Domain Name System

Under ‘Hosting configuration’ you have three options for hosting type:

Web Site Hosting – Host a Web site on this server
Forwarding – Redirect visitors to another Web site
No Hosting – Do not host a Web site at the moment ‘“ in case you want to have only mails for example.

If your choice is the second option, the forwarding types are:

Standard forwarding – Redirect web site visitors to another site and show them the destination address, so they know about the redirection.
Frame forwarding – Redirect web site visitors to another site, but do not show them the destination address, so they do not know about the redirection. This is not good for the on-page search engine optimization

In the last section ‘Hosting settings’ you have to set your Plesk FTP username and password.

Now, to create the domain in Plesk and proceed to allocating resources for it, click ‘Next’ at the bottom. In case you want to continue without adjusting the resource limits, click ‘Finish’.

I presume you will click ‘Next’ instead Finish, and will continue with Web hosting setup for domain in Plesk panel where you can choose what services will be running for this domain.

Setup (create) domain in Plesk panel


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