Update missing Urchin statistics

With few steps I will show you how to update missing Urchin statistics, or just to update them from the web server access logs.

You must have at least certain knowledge where the access logs are, and what is the server configuration to update Urchin.

First login to your Urchin panel as administrator, and then go to ‘Configuration ‘“ Urchin Profiles ‘“ Log manager’.
There find the domain you want to update and click on ‘Edit’ (the one with the wrench icon).

Update missing Urchin statistics


It is very rare the Urchin server and the Web server to be on one and the same hardware machine.

In this case Urchin stats are updating from remote Web Server and we go to remote Urchin settings.
Check whether the remote settings, as well as the credentials and the logs path are correct.
In case they are not, correct them and click on update.

Update missing Urchin statistics


You can use the ‘Browse’ button to locate certain web server log file if you want to reprocess or update Urchin statistics for a particular time-frame.
It could happen the log file to be already logrotated on your web server, so you have to log in to it and (find, extract) make sure they are available on the server, on place where Urchin can find them remotely. Also if you have multiple files you want to process, you may use ‘*’ instead a name of a file.

So, I presume that you have set the ‘Remote Log Source File’ correctly, and now we must rerun Urchin.

For that login to your Urchin server via SSH with Putty or other preferred SSH client, switch to your Urchin user, and change the current directory to Urchin binary (where the executables are).

It depends on your Urchin version, but in my case the available options are:

The command we need in this case is ‘-p = specify profile to process’.
To update Urchin stats write the command like that:

This will rerun the statistics and will update them:

If there are errors ( I am afraid I cannot cover all of them) search through Internet for resolution. In most of the cases the web server log file is just corrupted and you cannot use it or it has to be edited to remove the ‘bad’ part from it.

Do not forget to change and update the Urchin remote settings back if you have changed the log file there.

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Comments (7)

  1. Guest says:

    Gee rules!

  2. Wrost says:

    Thank you. Just one question.
    I am using old urchin version and if I try to update bulk stats it is saying:

    The following characters are not allowed: (*?”<>|).

    Any thoughts

  3. Tony says:

    Probably you are running older Urchin version. Try to update it, or rerun the stats manually from the server.

  4. Urchin says:

    Wondering why the urchin tutorial is rated with only two stars at it working for me perfect!

    I used it already several times because my urchin server freeze for some reason. If you can help me discover why I will be appreciated.

  5. Anthony Gee Anthony Gee says:

    Well, not sure about the rating, but there are different Urchin versions and the tutorial may not fit for some. Another thing is if a regular user without access to the Urchin server is trying to update. Then this will be senseless for him.

    About your question for urchin stop working – there could be many reasons why. In the past I had similar issue like that and to be honest I did not managed to solve it until the next Urchin upgrade.

    Sometimes Urchin just stop updating the logs and what I found was a running urchin process like:

    urchin -p freetutorialssubmit.com -H

    even after trying to stop it :

    /etc/init.d/urchind stop

    the process remain active after I check with:

    ps aux |grep urchin

    urchin 32730 0.0 0.2 4836 2040 /home/urchin/bin//urchin -p freetutorialssubmit.com -H

    so you have to kill the process – in this case with:

    kill -9 32730

  6. Urchin says:

    Wow! Thanks for the fast reply. I will definitely will try if urchin stop working again.

    I have another question – how I can rerun the urchin statistics just for a day or a week?

    Now I have to wait years of logs and it is really time consuming.

  7. Anthony Gee Anthony Gee says:

    You can either edit it in Urchin with ex1105*.log (or jsut for one day ex11052*.log) and then update the urchin, or directly from the server:

    util/uconf-driver action=set_parameter name=freetutorialssubmit.com table=logfile ct_remotelocation=”/Logfolder/ex11052*.log”

    and then process

    urchin -p freetutorialssubmit.com

    But do not forget to update the log format back as exYYMMDD.log otherwise only that date or range will be updated.

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